Chaudron, Stephane & Eichinger, Henning Eagle-eye on identities in the digital world. Evolution and challenges. Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
PDF:  "Eagle-Eye on Identities in the Digital World" Evolution and Challenges. 

Dr Maggie McCormick chapter - Carto-City Revisited: the city as urbaness in Transformations: Art and the City edited by Elizabeth Grierson, Intellect UK & USA 2017.

Presentation of the SkypeLab biophysical results by Maira Froes, 2017, Rio De Janeiro.

PDF- Eichinger, H and McCormick, M 2016, SkypeLab: Transcontinental Faces and Spaces 2016, KERBER, Berlin.

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FILM: Riza Manalo, Line Dialogue, 2016.

PDF- McCormick, M and Eichinger, H 2013, Skypetrait: Transcontinental Faces 2012/13, Stadt Reutlingen, Reutlingen, Germany.

PDF - Interview Karin Rase, Henning Eichinger: The real adventures are in the net.

PDF - Kurz, A 2013, 'Exit through Cyberspace. The role of snapshot photography in perceptions of identity and self-portraiture on social media. An analysis though contemporary art practice.

FILM: Skypetrait Transcontinental Faces 2013.