100 Questions - 22

Inspiration or problem?

The pixilation and distortions that come with Skype - are they an inspiration for art making or are they issues to deal with that provide only problems?

(Question by G. Biondi , 2015, posted by A. Kurz)

100 Questions - 16

What does 'far' and 'near' mean when we connect on either side of a screen? 

How are shifts in experience of distance and nearness shaping concepts of culture and belonging?

(Question by M. McCormick , 2015, posted by A. Kurz)

100 Questions - 24

What are the future issues with digital art?

SlypeLab makes art using a digital interface but not necessarily digital art. However this Project made me think of the issues with digital art that historians are struggling with these days. To view and conserve digital art, we always need a software that shows / plays it. These applications however get outdated very quickly and art historians worry about 'loosing' digital art over time. What could be the solution?

(Question by C. McCracken , 2015, edited and posted by A. Kurz)

100 Question - 23

Worst than drawing from a picture?

At Saint Petersburg fine art academy you are told never to draw from a picture. An artist HAS to prefer the real object. In that perspective, is it what we do at SkypeLab worst than drawing from a picture?

(Question by D. Romanova, 2015, edited and posted by A. Kurz)

100 Questions - 1

The filters of communication?

The screen, the software or the app? What are the filters of digital communication? How can we define a "filter" in the context of communication?

In 2015, the way we see and understand the world and ourselves happens through the eyes of technology. What is the role of these technology filters for our knowing?

Skype is the filter of artistic communication in this project. Have there always been filters of communication and what were they?

(Question by H. Eichinger, 2014, edited and posted by A. Kurz)